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Chula Vista Police Department Now Releases Details on Drone Flights to Provide Community Transparency

With the help of AirData UAV, Chula Vista residents will now be able to view the exact location, flight path, and purpose behind each CVPD drone flight

A Chula Vista Police Department officer with one of the department's drones in an undated image.
Chula Vista Police Department

The Chula Vista Police Department is being transparent with its residents by providing more details behind each police drone flight.

“Transparency and accountability are key components in the success of our drone program which has been an invaluable tool in maintaining the safety of our officers and the public. We pride ourselves on ensuring the public has access to our drone flight information in upholding the trust of our community," said CVPD Chief Roxana Kennedy in a statement.

CVPD selected AirData UAV to help provide information about drone flights and will provide residents the ability to view the exact location, flight path, and purpose behind each flight.

Locations in which CVPD's drones have flown since AirData started recording them in April 2021

Since 2018, the Chula Vista Police Department has started using drones to help with investigations and provide better situational awareness for officers responding to calls.

Within the first few months of operation, the department credited its drone program with assisting in nearly 60 arrests.

To view CVPD Drone flight data, click here.

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