USOC Proposes Chula Vista Take Over Olympic Training Center

The center houses athletes aiming for Olympic and Paralympic gold

Chula Vista city officials are considering whether to take over ownership and operation of the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center.

Assistant City Manager Gary Halbert said the city received a letter last week from the U.S. Olympic Committee proposing the change, which could include a transition of ownership to a public-private partnership or a public ownership with sponsorships.

The letter stated that the center could better reach its mission of sustained competitive excellence at the Olympic and Paralympic Games if a third party took over responsibility for operations.

Halbert said the center has been losing millions each year.

Officials discussed the idea at a Tuesday night Council meeting, indicating they were very interested and that the transition could take a few years.

A 2004 agreement between the city and the USOC stated that if the committee stopped operating the facility before 2025, the land would become parkland.

Halbert said with the turnover, the center could become an Olympic site rather than training center.

The CVOTC sits on 155 acres east of State Route 125 near Lower Otay Reservoir.

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