Chula Vista Man Uses Trick Shots to Battle Cancer

#TheHoopChallenge Aims to Raise Money to Fight the Disease

Since his days impersonating Dr. J on a backyard hoop, basketball has always been a part of Rio Simon's life.

These days the game just happens to mean a lot more to him.

Simon started #TheHoopChallenge to raise money for the National Foundation for Cancer Research.

The idea started back in the summer of 2014, when athletes and celebrities came out in full force to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge. The social media sensation raised over $100 million in the fight against ALS.

Simon wanted to combine his love for trick shots with a charitable effort. Having lost his mother to cancer in 2010, as well as other relatives, he decided to focus his efforts on raising money to battle the disease.

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He is encouraging people to donate to the NFCR, then post a video of themselves shooting a trick shot using #TheHoopChallenge. Then - just as many did during the Ice Bucket Challenge - extend the challenge to three friends in order to spread the movement.

To donate, or to get more information on #TheHoopChallenge, head to the Hoop Week website.

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