Chula Vista Man Loses Wife in Crash Hours After Mother Dies

"It hurts like hell," Danny Sheaf said Friday

Within just hours, Danny Sheaf lost two of the most important women in his life.

“Double whammy,” he told NBC 7 Friday. The first death had been some time coming.

His mother had been ill for a long time and was in the hospital this week, with Sheaf’s wife, Enid Mayer-Sheaf, keeping vigil at her bedside. Enid was there Wednesday when her mother-in-law passed away.

“That was more planned,” Sheaf said. “We were preparing for that, not preparing for this.”

Enid left the hospital Wednesday evening to go to a relative’s house when her car was hit by a Fiat 500 driving in the wrong lane on Carmel Valley Road.

San Diego police say Anthony Perez Rodriquez, the 30-year-old Fiat driver, had crossed the center divide and into Enid’s path.

She died in the collision. Rodriquez was arrested on suspicion of DUI and gross vehicular manslaughter.

“Don’t drink and drive,” said Sheaf. “It is stupid. It hurts like hell.

Now, two days later, Sheaf said he is still in shock, not sure what to think. He was careful about what he said in the case, telling NBC 7 not all the facts are known yet.

All he knows is he wants his wife back.

“It was hard waking up without her this morning,” he said.

Mayer-Sheaf also leaves behind a 22-year-old son, Chris. He also told NBC 7 that his grandmother’s death came as little surprise, for she had “lived a nice life.”

His mother’s death was a different story.

“I’m going to remember her as a great lady who gave her last taking care of others,” said Chris.

“She was a wonderful wife. I’m going to miss… I’m not going to miss her. I do miss her,” said Sheaf.

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