Chula Vista

Chula Vista Looks to Make Getting Around Easier and Cheaper for Seniors

Councilwoman Jill Galvez said the city already secured $2 million for program

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Chula Vista is looking to make life a little easier for its seniors and retirees.

It’s working on a program that would offer free rides for seniors in city-owned vehicles within city limits.

“Our seniors are the heart and soul of Chula Vista,” said Councilmember Jill Galvez who’s spearheading the effort. “We want people to get out of their homes. We want people to enjoy all that Chula Vista has to offer, enjoy one another safely and reliably. And this is going to do that.”

Councilwoman Galvez said Chula Vista already secured a $1 million grant from the California Air Resources Board. She said that grant was matched by the Community Congregational Development Corporation (CCDC), which recently sold the Congregational Tower on F Street. Galvez said profits from the sale needed to go to program benefitting seniors and CCDC was eager to support the free rides.

“We roll this out? It becomes a consistent, reliable resource for our seniors,” smiled Galvez.

Seniors could secure rides by phone, online or on an app, whichever is easiest for the resident, Galvez said.

Chula Vista City Council is expected to discuss the program further later this month, according to Galvez. She said it could go into service as early as October.

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