Chula Vista Girls Say Man Exposes Himself From Pickup Truck

One man is wanted for exposing himself to girls walking along the streets of Chula Vista in four separate incidents, police said Thursday.

The series of possible indecent exposure began on October 18.

There have been four separate cases in the same general area near Chula Vista High School, Chula Vista police said. 

In three of the cases, a girl was walking on or near 4th Avenue or nearby side streets in the hours of 1 to 4 p.m., police said.

In the fourth case, a girl was walking from Vista Square Elementary at 540 G Street.

All four victims told Chula Vista police they saw an unshaven, older man with unkempt grayish or blond short hair, pull up to the sidewalk near where they were walking.

They say the man was masturbating while behind the wheel of a pickup truck - possibly a Ford or Toyota.

Some say the pickup was blue. One said it was a gray color.

There may have been flames along the edge of the truck bed with hooks or tie downs. The truck’s license plate may have the number 4 in it, police said.

The man has not physically approached the girls but in one incident, he’s believed to have yelled “Hey!” to get the victim’s attention, police said.

"Even though I have a child that’s a boy that goes to this school, it’s still scary,” said Vista Square Elementary School parent Irma Garcia. She said she’s going to talk about it with her son.

Chula Vista HS senior Andrea Sanchez stays after school often for wrestling practice. She said her mother told her not to walk home alone. 

"It's not that I'm scared. It's just a feeling of not being safe," Sanchez said. 

Chula Vista Elementary School District officials advise parents to tell their children to check with a trusted adult before going anywhere, take a friend when they go somewhere or play outside and if help is needed, ask until someone helps you.

Investigators say there may be other victims who haven’t reported this activity.

Anyone with information that may lead to an arrest can call Chula Vista Police Department Family Protection Unit, Det. Kenneth Hicks at (619) 691-5188, or to remain anonymous call (619) 422-TIPS. 

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