Ex-Cop's Wife Curses After Hubby Held Over in Sexual Misconduct Trial

Ex-cop Christopher Hays to be bound over for trial; ruling comes down on wife's 30th birthday

A San Diego woman screamed and cursed moments after a judge ruled her husband, a former San Diego police officer, would stand trial on charges of sexual misconduct.

Former San Diego police officer Christopher Hays, 30, will stand trial on criminal charges following the allegations from several women that he conducted improper "pat downs" for his own sexual gratification while in uniform and on the job.

Following two days of testimony from the alleged victims and investigators, Judge Charles Rogers ruled Hays will be held over for trial on all five counts.

Moments later as court was dismissed, Hays' wife walked into the courtroom hallway crying. She threw her handbag onto a bench and screamed "f-----ing a--hole!"

She and other family members listened as women testified against Hays, describing the incidents listed in a formal complaint.

On Wednesday, the wife's 30th birthday, the judge ruled that her husband would be bound over for trial.

An investigative officer testified Monday that when Hays was initially confronted with the allegations, Hays cried and asked if his resignation would make it all go away. But, the defense pointed out Wednesday that Hays, in that conversation, did not admit to the sexual misconduct.

Defense attorney Kerry Armstrong asked the judge to dismiss all charges because the accusers were not credible and each had compelling reasons to lie. He also requested the felony counts be reduced to misdemeanors, if not dismissed.

However, Judge Rogers said legal standards had been met in this stage of the trial.

On Oct. 30, a woman identified in the complaint as "Jane Doe 1" said Officer Hays directed her to the back of a smoke shop near University and College.

She testified he drove behind her as she walked and then parked the patrol car so the open driver's side door blocked the view of potential witnesses.

The woman testified the pat down lasted 20 minutes and that during that time, Hays allegedly commented that her privates were "fat" and that she had "beautiful breasts.”

For this incident, Hays is accused of false imprisonment and sexual battery for touching.

The defense argued that "Jane Doe 1" has a motive to lie in this case in that she has had numerous prior convictions of burglary, prostitution, theft and doesn't want to go back to jail..

A woman identified in court documents as "Jane Doe 2" said Hays picked her up while on El Cajon Boulevard Nov. 10 and patted her down while rubbing her breasts and private areas repeatedly.

Defense attorneys argued the woman’s claim was not credible because she had smoked meth for a year and a month prior to the incident.

Hays faces a second sexual battery charge for the Nov. 10 incident.

A former Navy sailor testified she was assaulted by Hays after being given a ride home while under the influence of alcohol on Dec. 23.

Defense attorneys claim the woman made up the claim to make a boyfriend jealous.

A police investigator testified that the department’s vehicle locator put Hays’ patrol car at the former sailor’s apartment for 21 minutes.

Under cross-examination, the detective admitted there can be problems with the system and that there were problems with AVL on at least one car Hays drove.

For the incident involving the former sailor, Hays faces a charge of sexual battery.

Hays is accused of false imprisonment by a woman identified as "Jane Doe 4" on Christmas Eve, Dec. 24.

"Jane Doe 4" did not appear for the preliminary hearing because she has an active warrant out for her arrest.

Hays was saddened by the outcome of the preliminary hearing, attorney Kerry Armstrong said. However, the former officer is ready to go to trial if it's necessary.

He'll be back in court on May 7 for rearraignment.

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