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Caught on Camera: Christmas Bandit Caught Stealing From Small Business

A thief was caught on-camera stealing outdoor heaters and a large canopy from Serpentine Cider patio in Miramar

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The owner of Serpentine Cider, Sean Harris, is asking for the community’s help in identifying a Christmas bandit.

“You feel violated, every kind of emotion,” said Harris after sharing security video of a man stealing outdoor space heaters and a canopy from the Serpentine Cider patio in Miramar Christmas night.

“Finally, 2020 broke me. We’ve been going through everything that’s happened and now this, the last week of it,” said Harris, who thought he’d been through the worst of 2020, after the pandemic forced two shut downs and prompted to-go service only.

“At times, it’s terrifying,” said Harris’ girlfriend, Bree Steffen. Harris agreed, “It is terrifying. It’s hard to see your bank account plummeting.”

And now they’ve taken another hit.

“All the heaters were stolen, the canopy was gone, some of the tables and chairs were broken and the lights were all broken,” explained Harris.

Harris said the thief was seen unloading an extension cord and power tool, which he used to break through the locks securing items to the patio. Harris estimates a few thousand dollars in losses, but said the toughest loss is the damaged furniture he built with his dad, who lives up north.

“It’s just heartbreaking to see that my dad and my hard work just literally stomped on. Having to rebuild it is going to be tough. My dad is in his 70s. He can’t come out during COVID and help me, so I’m going to do it myself. It’s just not going to have the same effect as building it with my father. And more money than we already don’t have,” Harris said. “I really hope someone recognizes him before he does it (burglarizes) to somebody else. If he was able to do this to us on Christmas, he’s going to be able to do it to someone else.”

If you recognize the man in the video, you’re asked to call police.

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