Chris Pratt at MCAS Miramar for Movie Night

Movie star Chris Pratt visited with military members and their families at Marine Air Corps Station Miramar Monday night before a special, free screening of his new movie, "Passengers."

After arriving in a car, Pratt did a few interviews on the red carpet in front of the Bob Hope Theater on base, then sprinted over to meet the hundreds of fans who were lined up to see the movie.

Pratt said he couldn’t believe how many people turned out and waited for his arrival.

“Anyone who puts on the uniform and defends our freedom, I’m down to meet them,” added Pratt.

Images: Chris Pratt Visits MCAS Miramar to Promote 'Passengers'

Pratt spent about 20 minutes going down the line of people, signing his name to hats, posters, even cell phone cases. Pratt also posed for pictures with many active duty members of the military.

“He joked around with us and took a picture. I’m a big fan of his so it was cool,” said CPL Alexis Schnieder.

When asked what is the best part of "Passengers", Pratt said “Getting an opportunity to come to Miramar and show it to people. Just the people I get to meet while promoting it.”

For Sophia Essary, whose husband GSGT Brad Essary is deployed overseas, this movie screening couldn’t have come at a better time of year. She says the holidays are a tough time for many military families.

“This is amazing, it really puts it in perspective and gets our minds off our loved ones being away, especially during holidays. It’s just perfect,” Sophia said.

Besides Pratt, "Passengers" stars actress Jennifer Lawrence. The movie is an action-thriller about two strangers who are on a 120-year journey to another planet when they are awakened early.

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