CHP's Fatal Shooting of Driver Recorded on Dashcam

Anthony Osorio, 27, was shot 18 times in a confrontation with CHP officers Sunday

New details, just released Wednesday, reveal what happened moments before California Highway Patrol officers shot and killed a Harbison Canyon man.

Anthony Osorio was shot 18 times by CHP officers following a high-speed pursuit early Sunday.

Officers tried to pull over a 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe about 2:30 a.m. after noticing the vehicle was speeding and driving erratically.

Homicide investigators say Anthony Osorio, 27, led CHP officers first on eastbound Interstate 8, then to Greenfield Drive at La Cresta in an unincorporated part of El Cajon.

After rolling his SUV, officials say Osorio stepped out of the car. That's when officers said it appeared Osorio "gestured with his right hand in a motion simulating bringing a firearm from behind his back" according to new details released Wednesday by San Diego County sheriff's deputies.

Ted Osorio told NBC 7 San Diego Monday that he did not agree with the actions taken by CHP officers.

“They shot him, they murdered him. That’s how I look at it. They murdered my son,” he said Monday.

Osorio's father questioned the initial account from responding officers, wondering how his son could have moved toward the officers if he was gunned down right next to his vehicle.

“I saw the pictures of him dead and he’s lying right next to his car,” Osorio said. “Right next to the door and they shot him right there.”

However, the statement from deputies said the confrontation was captured on a patrol car dashcam.

According to deputies, Osorio can be heard yelling profanities at the officers as he exited the vehicle on the video. He also ignored commands to get on the ground officials said.

When Osorio pulled his right hand forward, officers fired 33 times, hitting him with 18 of those gunshots deputies said.

Officers found no weapon in Osorio's hand but said he did have a knife in one of his pockets at the time of the shooting.

Ted Osorio said his son was good man who got married at 18 and fathered two children.

Osorio said the entire family has already been hurting because ted's youngest son, Andrew, took his own life just 3 months ago.

Deputies say they have spoken with an unidentified witness who claims Osorio spoke about suicide by cop earlier in the evening.

Officer David Bigalk, Officer Ryan Harrison, and Sergeant Phillip Jones were involved in the shooting. Bigalk is a four-year veteran, Harrison is a three-year veteran and Jones is a 15-year veteran with the California Highway Patrol.

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