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Otay Ranch Community Warns of Child Luring Attempt at Park

An Otay Ranch community is warning residents of an alleged attempted abduction at their neighborhood park, according to a letter sent to members of their homeowner association.

The letter sent Friday to Hillsborough residents said children skateboarding near their community park were approached by two men in a black SUV that attempted to lure them with the promise of new skateboards.

The two boys were told they could have the skateboards if they got into the car and went with the men to their house, the Chula Vista Police Department said. 

The two boys ran home and the incident was immediately reported to the Chula Vista Police Department, according to the letter. The homeowner's association asked CVPD to increase patrol in the area as a result. 

The incident at Hillsborough Park happened on Oct. 16 and was reported to police the following day after reports circulated on social media, CVPD said. 

The two men were both described as bald and in their 30s or 40s. One had a beard and the other had no facial hair. 

CVPD said they have not received any other information or incidents since the initial report. 

Hillsborough Park is located within a residential neighborhood off Magdalena Avenue, less than a half-mile from Mater Dei Catholic High School and Veterans Elementary School.

The District Attorney's office said to keep children safe from abduction, parents should know where they are at all times and teach their children how to respond to an attempt.

Anyone with information was asked to contact CVPD at (619) 422-TIPS.

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