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Children 12-and-Up Take Advantage of SDUSD Vaccination Clinics

The San Diego Unified School District hosted three clinics with Sharp HealthCare Tuesday

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“I think the partnership is amazing.”

Jeff Sabins stared at a line streaming out of the theater on Mira Mesa High School’s campus. The County of San Diego, San Diego Unified School District, and Sharp HealthCare partnered to host three vaccination clinics on school campuses Tuesday. Hoover and Lincoln High Schools hosted the other two.

All three issued the Pfizer vaccine so that children 12-and-up could be vaccinated as well.

“Kinda nervous,” admitted 12-year-old Adam Romero ahead of his shot.

The 12-year-old also admitted being frustrated sitting at home every day.

“It’s also kind of stressful because you can’t really leave the house or anything,” added Romero.

Adam’s father, David Romero, brought him to the school for the vaccine.

“I’ll be less concerned following his second vaccine,” his father said. “It’ll be nice to get him back to normal life.”

“We want to get back to what school was always meant to be,” said Sabins.

Both adults said the clinic was a step in the right direction, but it wasn’t a step out of the woods. According to the County of San Diego, at least 81,000 12- to 19-year-olds have been vaccinated. There are thousands more who haven't.

“I like the fact that California is playing it safe,” David Romero said. “I’m fully vaccinated. I still wear my mask. I don’t want to accidentally have something and pass it to someone who doesn’t have the vaccine.”

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