Chemical Spill Injures Water Treatment Worker

A worker at a water treatment facility near Otay Lakes suffered burns to her hands, eyes and face when some caustic chemicals splashed out of a tank Thursday.

The tank stored sodium hydroxide, a strong base that’s one of the many chemicals used in the treatment of water. 

After emergency crews arrived and transported the worker to UCSD Medical Center for treatment, crews realized the tank was still leaking into another containment area where acid was stored.

"There is the potential for the two chemicals to react and create a plume so we are monitoring the situation," said Chief Dave Hanneman of the Chula Vista Fire Department.

Firefighters evacuated the immediate area and the area down wind. Chula Vista police blocked the road at the Olympic Training Center.

Workers are off loading the chemical left in the leaking tank into tankers to move to another facility.

The Otay Lakes facility is operated by the City of San Diego.

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