Check in to the Haunted Hotel This Halloween

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Named by this year as the second best Halloween haunted house in the country, the Gaslamp’s Haunted Hotel spares no expense making sure your stay is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and quintessentially sinister – and don’t worry the torture is complimentary.

Located in a nondescript building at the corner of Fourth and Market in downtown, the Haunted Hotel is San Diego’s longest running haunted house and has even been featured on the Travel Channel. On weekend nights the Hotel regularly has a line that snakes to the other side of the street.

When guests first enter the Hotel they are beckoned into the Hellevator, which quickly lives up to its name. Once off the elevator things just get worse.

“Even walking through with the lights on is a frightful experience,” said Lauren Metza, a first year scare actor at the Hotel. “The rooms don't just stick to the 'hotel' theme but take the guest on a journey from nightmare to nightmare.”

Metza explained the Hotel contains everything from demented Cabbage Patches on ‘Doll Island’ to killer clowns and an autopsy room. “The movie-grade props and sets surpassed my expectations tremendously.”

Guests feeling brave can visit the Hotel on Wednesday for ‘Lights Out’ where they must feel their way through the attraction in complete darkness with nothing more than a glow necklace.

From fear of the dark to falling to claustrophobia and what is lurking underneath the bed, the Hotel taps into people’s deepest fears.

Finishing her first season, Metza said the actors in the Hotel feel like a family; It’s hard to imagine Thanksgiving.

The Haunted Hotel will be open every night through Halloween. Tickets can be bought online or at the box office.

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