Chargers Workout Robert Griffin III

RG3 Could Be Rivers’ Next Back Up

The Los Angeles Chargers start training camp on Sunday July 30 at Jack Hammett Sports Complex in Costa Mesa. The team has been fortunate for the last 11 seasons. Even though quarterback Philip Rivers has never missed a game in that time span, there is a problem with their backup situation. Rivers has never had a backup the team can put on the field with confidence if he gets hurt. It looks like the team is trying to change that for the 2017 season. On Tuesday, July 25 the Chargers worked out quarterback Robert Griffin III, aka RG3.

Griffin III took the Redskins to the playoffs in his rookie year. The team’s confidence in him was sky high after giving up three years of first round picks to the Rams for the second pick in the 2012 draft. Things took a turn when his knee gave out in the wild card game against the Seahawks that season. In 2016, after a lot of drama, Griffin III was released. Several reports blamed his ongoing injuries and his conflicts with Coach Jay Gruden. After signing with the Cleveland Browns for the season, things didn’t go as RG3 hoped. He was injured all season and his team finished the year with a 1-15 record. Their only win, ironically came against the Chargers in week 16.

RG3 has been in Florida all offseason working out with his former offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton. Griffin III is a mobile quarterback. That mobility is something Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn is used to. Lynn was able to get the most out of Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor last season as the interim coach.

The addition of RG3 would automatically boost the Chargers back up situation. This is not a knock on Kellen Clemens, who has been the Chargers back up for two seasons and re-signed on a one-year deal in March. Clemens and Rivers are said to be good friends, but this is a business and Coach Lynn knows that you are only as good as your depth.

All RG3 needs is a head coach to believe in him. Lynn, who is says he is tough but fair, might be that coach. If Lynn is able to get the best out of Griffin III then the Chargers will have a formidable back up learning under Rivers. The opportunity to work with the Bolts great might just be enough to help rekindle his career.

According to ESPN’s Josina Anderson the Chargers were optimistic about the workout with RG3 and wanted to make sure he’s healthy. The team will reportedly continue their talks with Griffin III in the coming weeks.

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