Chargers' Social Media Presence Faces Slew of Negative Response

The Chargers’ marketing campaign doesn’t seem to be going well if you take a look at social media.

Over the weekend, an ESPN writer shared on Twitter how the Bolts are sponsoring Instagram and Facebook posts in the LA market – and how they’re getting, um, lackluster response.

Then, a scroll through the comments on recent posts about the Chargers’ new head coach, Anthony Lynn, shows similar vitriol.

The Chargers aren’t even safe from criticism when posting about Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

The team tweeted a poignant and well-known quote from King on Monday.

They were quickly met with this reply tweet as well as a dozen other not-so-positive responses.

Another tweet by the Bolts’ community Twitter account, which still read “San Diego Chargers in the Community,” about the team’s MLK Day parade in Los Angeles sparked another forum of snark.

Senior ESPN Writer Arash Markazi, who is based in LA, said in a radio interview that he thinks the Chargers will continue to receive negative reaction in LA for some time.

"I don’t think in the history of the sport … where a team has left a community and goes to another community where they’re really not wanted,” he said.

Markazi thinks the Chargers need to rebrand to survive and thrive in LA. He says team owner Dean Spanos has said he plans not to rebrand.

“You’re already starting it from behind” being the Chargers in LA, he said. "If you rebrand, at least you have a chance of success.”

How do you think the team should respond to the flood of negative comments on social media? Should the team rebrand? Let us know in the comments section below.

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