Chargers Sign Situation, How Long Will Chargers Signs Stay Up?

The Los Angeles Chargers former football home, Qualcomm Stadium, is still displaying hundreds of Chargers signs, including many that say “San Diego Chargers.”

These “San Diego Chargers” signs are still up, even though the Chargers organization announced it was moving to Los Angeles on January 25th, over 5 weeks ago.

Who is responsible for taking down these Chargers signs? Who will pay for their removal? When will the signs come down?

The City of San Diego says it’s up to the Chargers organization.

In a statement to NBC 7, City of San Diego Public Information Officer Scott Robinson said, “The Chargers are supposed to remove their own signage at their expense.  We don’t currently have a timeline.”

In front of the Los Angeles Chargers team headquarters on Murphy Canyon Road there remains a sign that says “San Diego Chargers.”

NBC 7 reached out to the Chargers to see if they had any plans on removing the signs from their facility or Qualcomm Stadium.

Chargers Media Relations Director Bill Johnston responded in an email saying, “We will be operating out of Chargers Park until June.  We will be using our offices at the stadium likely through April.”

So it appears the stadium sign situation will be similar to the Chargers stadium quest in San Diego, a long, drawn out process that only leaves pigskin pain for Chargers fans each time they see those remaining “San Diego Chargers” signs.

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