Offseason? Let Chargers QB Philip Rivers Practice by Chucking Stuffed Animals for Sports Illustrated

It’s offseason in the NFL. So what else should Sports Illustrated TV do then enlist a quarterback to put diapers on stuffed animals? And then chuck them across a studio and into a basket?

That bizarre game went down on a sports segment on Friday that included San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers.

Because everyone knows he has eight kids and ample practice changing diapers. So that all makes sense, right? Right?

“We want to know how many diapers you’ve changed? And I imagine it’s countless,” the sports anchor says to the pro bowl quarterback in the video posted to Sports Illustrated’ site and on its Facebook page.

Rivers was a good sport, chatting up the anchor, and even made a few successful baskets.

He also graciously fielded questions like this, all while wrapping the stuffed rabbits with diapers: “What do you like best about being a father?”

"I really love just about everything," River said in between throws.

You can check out the warm and fuzzy clip above or here.

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