Chargers Part With Longtime Equipment Manager

Bob Wick had been with the team since 1979

Bob Wick joined the Chargers as a ball boy in 1979. He soon became an assistant equipment manager and in 2000 was named the equipment manager. In 2009 he was named the NFL Equipment Manager of the Year.

When the Chargers left for Los Angeles, Bob Wick followed, leaving his home town (he went to Mount Miguel High School and San Diego State University) and moved to Orange County to follow his team and help the transition to a new market.

For all that loyalty, Wick was let go by the Chargers this week, the same week the team broke training camp.

A team spokesperson confirmed to NBC 7 SportsWrap and Wick was no longer with the organization. A reason for the move was not provided.

Wick is universally liked and respected by Chargers players and coaches so the move comes as more than a bit of a surprise.

Wick was responsible for making sure all the necessary equipment made it to every game, sometimes packing a ton and a half of gear for cold weather road games. Wick was also the man who handed out uniform numbers so before L.T. wore 21 or Philip Rivers donned 17 it was Wick who helped make it happen.

Chris Smith, one of Wick’s assistants, will move in to the main equipment manager role.

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