Chargers Mistakes Lead to Lions Win

Turnovers, penalties, miscues mean Detroit gets a win at home

A brief rundown of the mistakes the Chargers made against the Lions in Detroit on Sunday:

- Austin Ekeler lost a fumble at the goal line
- Philip Rivers threw an interception in the end zone
- Ty Long missed two field goals (39 and 41 yards)
- Nine penalties
- Two of those penalties negated touchdowns

Looking at all of that it's amazing the Chargers only lost 13-10. In fact they had a chance to tie or even take the lead in the final minute but that's when Rivers forced one to Keenan Allen and had it picked off in the corner of the end zone by Darius Slay.

The Chargers fall to 1-1 on the season and next week is not going to get any easier. The Bolts host the Houston Texans at the soccer pitch where a whole bunch of cowboy hats should be on display.

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