Chargers Logo Booed at Staples Center

When the L.A. Chargers showed up at the Lakers-Clippers game the crowd booed lustily

This week Chargers owner Dean Spanos … A.K.A. the most hated man in San Diego … was asked by a few Los Angeles media outlets if he understood just how little L.A. sports fans wanted his football team to leave San Diego for their town.

He seemed pretty confident that his organization will be OK up there.

“I don’t think it’s going to happen overnight,” said Spanos of building his fan base in L.A. “It’s going to take a couple, three years to build our fan base. We know that. We’re not expecting anything for nothing. We have to fight for everything we’re gonna get here. We’re going to have to fight to earn the respect of our fans. I know that. We all know that and we’re up for the challenge.”

Once again Dean has shown his complete inability to read a room and has zero concept of how uphill his battle is going to be.

At Saturday's game between the Lakers and Clippers at Staples Center the new Chargers logo was shown on the big screen and it was booed heartily. Jeff Cumberland, the Bolts tight end, was shown, as well and looked obviously embarrassed.

Yes, both fans of the Lakers and Clippers … Los Angeles Sports Fans … booed the Bolts logo (it was the latest one, the one in gold and blue that says Los Angeles Chargers and not that wacky intertwined LA thing).

The ultimate irony here, of course, is the Clippers fans who booed because the Clippers also left San Diego for Los Angeles under the “leadership” of an owner who is regarded by many as one of the absolute worst in all of North American professional sports.

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