Chargers Linebacker Starts a New Career

Melvin Ingram is now a hip-hop artist, too

Melvin Ingram likes to introduce himself to opposing quarterbacks in the form of sacks. But in the off-season, Super Melvin introduced himself to the music industry in the form of tracks.

Ingram's first work as a hip-hop artist, called "Intro," was recently released through YPC (Young Paper Chasers) Records. It's the first song from his upcoming mixtape titled "From Nothing To Something." (the video is below ... warning, it does contain explicit lyrics)

[[308879081, C]]

Hip-hop is something Ingram has dabbled in for years now.

"It's just something I like to do in my personal time," said Ingram at the end of the Chargers recent mini-camp. "I just put out a video and it got picked up by a couple of sites. We're just telling a story. We're telling our own story. You feel me?"

Indeed we do. Ingram recorded the music in a studio just down the street from the Chargers' Murphy Canyon training facility. He also has a small studio built in to his home, but let the professionals handle the final product.

"We got a producer who made the beats," said Ingram. "We got a producer who mixed it down after we recorded. All we do is record."

Ingram's mixtape is expected to be available before the Bolts start training camp on July 30th. A few more songs are already available on his Soundcloud page (which you can find here ... again, there are explicit lyrics).

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