San Diego

Chargers Leaving San Diego May Not Have Negative Impact on Economy

But some businesses with direct ties to the team could still feel the impact

While many fans are disappointed and upset, the economy may not be as affected by the Chargers move, according to local economists.

Fans have spent thousands of dollars on Chargers' gear, game tickets and other memorabilia.

But experts told NBC 7, San Diego will not suffer financially.

Sports teams don't tend to spur new spending and most of the money fans would have spent gets re-channeled into new forms of entertainment, they said.

NBC 7 spoke to one former Chargers' fan who said the $2,000 he would normally spend on tickets was used to buy himself a new TV. 

But some businesses with direct ties to the team will feel the impact, including part-time workers at Qualcomm Stadium for game days.

Jared Bremseth, Manager at Sports Fever in Mission Valley, said the Chargers' departure to Los Angeles left him wondering what is next for his business. 

"A shirt like this has the San Diego Chargers on it is kind of dead merchandise now, but a shirt with just the lightning bolt is still good," he said.

He added that Chargers products account for around 30 percent of the store's inventory.

 "It's going to hurt," he said. "We haven't crunched all the numbers and gotten to the brass tax of it all to figure out how much it's going to hurt, but there will be a dip."

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