WATCH: Chargers Goal: Score 40 Points A Game

Bolts offense has lofty expectations for the 2016 season

The Chargers have a lot of nice offensive weapons. But do they really have the ability to do something no other NFL team has ever done?

If you ask them the answer is yes. A few key members of the offense say it’s possible for the Bolts to score 40 points a game for the 2016 season. That little bit of information came out when talking to Offensive Coordinator Ken Whisenhunt about the way he is able to use his game plans to start games and halves with drives that end up with points on the board.

Then right tackle Joe Barksdale got in on the act. See the exchange for yourself:


Keep in mind the 2013 Denver Broncos set the NFL’s all-time single-season scoring record when they racked up 37.9 points per game, so no team in league history has ever been able to average 40 over a 16-game regular season.

If the Chargers are able to be the first it’s not a stretch to think they’ll be well on their way to a Super Bowl appearance.

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