Chargers Get Their Own Hot Dog

Pink's in Los Angeles welcomes football team to town

Since it started in 1939 Pink’s Hot Dogs is one of the most famous and iconic culinary brands in Los Angeles. It serves more than 1500 hot dogs a day and over the years Pink’s has named hot dogs after Paris Hilton, Keith Urban and (fittingly) Snoop Dogg.

Add the Chargers football team to the “celebrity dog” list.

The Chargers are trying to ingratiate themselves to their new market and got Pink’s on board to create the “Chargers Chili Cheese” dog. It’s a special, limited-time menu item made up of two nine-inch hot dogs in one bun, topped with mustard, chili, nacho cheese and French fries. It’s also served with a tray of onion rings.

The new dog will be officially unveiled on Tuesday in L.A. and according to a press release from the team the first 20 Chargers fans wearing Chargers gear who visit Pink’s between 11 a.m. – 12 p.m. on Tuesday will receive a FREE Chargers Chili Cheese dog.

No word on what they will do with the unused Chargers Chili Cheese dogs.

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