Chargers on L.A. Sale Rumors: No Way

No sale and no move to L.A. say Chargers

It hasn't been the first time we've heard news that the Chargers could be leaving. A Canadian radio talk show host said it's fact but a team rep is flatly denying the report.

Tuesday brought news that Los Angeles entrepreneur Phil Anschutz had, or was planning on, buying a 35 percent share of the Chargers, with hopes down the line of moving the team to Los Angeles and giving the city their own football team.

Adding some leverage to the story was the fact that AEG, which is backed by Anschutz, recently made public plans for a downtown football stadium in L.A.

The Chargers are saying none of the story was fact.

Around 11 p.m. Tuesday, Chargers Special Counsel, Mark Fabiani, emailed a statement to the media.

"There is no truth to the rumor out of Toronto that the Chargers have agreed to sell a portion of the team to Mr. Anschutz," Fabiani wrote from his iPad.

The original story, which created instant buzz on Twitter, came from an unlikely source-- veteran Toronto-based sports personality Bob McCown, who works for "The Fan 590."

On the station website, he reports "Anschutz has or will purchase up to 35% of the equity in the San Diego Chargers."

Fabiani recently confirmed the Spanos Family, who own a part of the Chargers, was looking to sell a minority share in the team, but that it was only for estate planning purposes.

However, Fabiani went on to say, "If AEG buys a piece of this team, then people have a right to be concerned."

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