Charger Eric Weddle Launches New Jewelry Designs in Support of Victims of Domestic Violence

The designs, by Weddle and Evolution Lighthouse, benefit Alliance of HOPE and victims of domestic violence

The San Diego Chargers’ bearded safety Eric Weddle is once again trying his hand at jewelry design with a Bolts-themed line in support of victims of domestic violence.

Last fall, Weddle launched a “Game Day” jewelry collection for women, with a portion of proceeds from sales benefitting battered women charities.

Now, after a successful first year with the project, Weddle will launch new jewelry designs for his 2015 line, which will benefit Alliance for HOPE, an organization that provides vital resources to survivors of domestic violence and their children.

Weddle created the jewelry line in collaboration with Evolution Lighthouse, a San Diego-based jewelry and accessories company that works with partner charities to raise awareness and funds for causes in the community.

Evolution Lighthouse founder Patrick Pickford said Weddle worked closely with lead designer and
company co-founder Gerly Noland to create his newest designs.

“Our lead designer runs all ideas by myself and Eric. We pick our favorites. Who knew men could pick out stylish jewelry?” Pickford said.

For Weddle, the project carries a lot of weight.

“It is important for people like myself to use their voice constructively and stand up for what is right. It is vital to ensure that victims of domestic violence and their children can escape a vicious cycle. I am happy to help in any way possible,” Weddle told NBC 7.

Weddle says his favorite part of the jewelry line process is seeing the fans wearing the final product.

“This is a representation of their support for victims of domestic violence and their support for their favorite team,” said Weddle. “[It’s] the best kind of win/win.”

The line – which boasts more than 20 items – includes sterling silver and gold-filled necklaces, earrings and bracelets ranging in price from $20 to $80.

Some pieces feature lightning bolt charms, as well as charms that say “Weddle” and “San Diego.”
There is also a pair of tassel earrings in Chargers colors -- one blue, one gold.

Pickford said their team is working on incorporating Weddle’s famous beard into a jewelry design in the future.

“It will be interesting to see what we come up with,” he told NBC 7. “Currently, we personalize most of the pieces so you can make it your own. You can put ‘San Diego,’ ‘Weddle,’ or pretty much anything else you like.”

Weddle’s public support for battered victims via this jewelry line first began last year amid the NFL’s high-profile domestic violence scandal involving several players in the league, including Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson.

“Eric has been my friend for a number of years and when domestic violence took over the NFL headlines last year, we immediately started talking about what should be done and what could be done,” Pickford explained. “It was a great opportunity for us to team together on something meaningful.”

Though Pickford said Weddle and women’s jewelry line may seem like an unlikely match, it’s a perfect match in the end.

“Every single item will go to benefit victims of domestic violence. Eric is donating every cent right to
the cause," Pickford told NBC 7. “And he wants every fan to know, ‘Hey let's support this cause and let's do it right.’

To browse the full "Game Day" jewelry collection, click here.

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