Chargers’ Downtown Stadium Proposal Facebook Q&A

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An hour after unveiling his plan to fund construction of a downtown Chargers stadium, attorney Cory Briggs was answering folks’ questions about it on NBC 7’s Facebook page.

Dozens of people chimed in our Facebook page, asking questions about the viability of a downtown location as well as the incentive for the team.

Briggs’ proposal would not rely on taxpayer money to fund a stadium, but instead would raise the city’s Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) to 15.5 percent. That would in turn eliminate a 2-percent fee on hotel-room bills.

Why wouldn’t the Chargers want to build their own stadium and own it, one person asked.

“If the voters can give the Chargers the option of their preferred location, but the Chargers are willing to compromise and pony up more to cover the construction and operations…then the voters will have given the Chargers a reasonable path for staying in San Diego,” Briggs wrote.

Others asked how much this alternative would cost.

"The Chargers would have to come up for something just south of $800m,” Briggs wrote on Facebook. “While this looks like a lot of money -- actually it is -- it is close to if not less than what the Chargers would have to pay for Mission Valley, and it would have the added benefit of being something that the Chargers are actually interested in.”

One viewer had a simple question: What’s this plan “gonna take?”

“We'll need about 75k signatures to qualify it for the ballot, and then we'll need a simple majority vote in June 2016,” Briggs wrote.

To see more of Briggs’ responses, head to NBC 7’s Facebook page.

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