Chargers' Coaching Search Likely Impacts L.A. Announcement

The Bolts will have to make a decision on a move sooner than later

Now that the Chargers are looking for a new head football coach the timeframe on one other fairly large decision has likely been accelerated.

The Bolts have until January 15 to make their decision on whether to exercise their option on a move to Los Angeles. It is almost a guarantee that they will not be waiting that long to issue an announcement.

First of all, that is an NFL Playoffs Sunday. Expect the league to tell Dean Spanos not to steal any thunder that day and try to get it out of the way before that. Saturday also features playoffs games so that takes us to Friday … the 13th.

(insert own joke here)

But odds are it will not get to that delicious bit of irony. You see the Bolts are already hunting for a new head coach and one of the first questions any candidate is going to ask is “Where are you playing this year?”

Coaches have to move their families and feel comfortable with the community where they are living. No coach (not a decent one anyway) is going to want to commit to a franchise that is in flux. The best candidates will interview for at least one of the five other openings (Buffalo, Jacksonville, Denver, San Francisco and Los Angeles assuming no other coaches are let go) and likely get a more stable offer.

It’s not just the coaching candidates that want to know that. It’s the Chargers fan base, as well. It would appear that, if Chairman Dean Spanos has made a decision on what to do, he has not shared it with anyone … even his family.

“I understand the fans want to know that. I want to know that, too,” said John Spanos, Director of Football Operations and Dean’s son. “Whenever an announcement is made is out of my control. I’m really going to worry about the things I can control. I think it’s something we will know soon.”

When asked by XTRA Sports 1360 host Steve Hartman if he was saying he had no clue about the status of the L.A. decision Spanos responded “I didn’t say I had no clue what I said was, as far as when the announcement is made is out of my control. Again it’s not something I work day-to-day on. I’m going to worry about the things that are on my plate. Which right now is beginning the search for a head coach.”

So does that mean he DOES know what his dad is going to do?

“I haven’t said that either. I’m going to worry about the things I can control. I certainly appreciate and understand everyone wanting to know. I get where you’re coming from. It’s nothing that I can control.”

So it is very possible that the Chargers will have to announce their Los Angeles intentions soon, possibly by the end of the week, if they hope to land one of the better head coach candidates.

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