Chargers Carson Stadium Land Purchase Not Finalized

San Diego Chargers special counsel Mark Fabiani confirmed to NBC 7 that the land purchase for a new joint stadium for the Chargers and Oakland Raiders football teams has not been finalized.

Fabiani confirmed this in an email late Friday, a day after the announcement of the joint stadium proposal in Carson, California, south of Los Angeles.

“The project is subject to a binding purchase and sale agreement,” Fabiani wrote in the email. “All parties are bound by the agreement.” When NBC 7 first reached out to Fabiani he said, the "land has been purchased through a binding agreement with the seller."

Friday, the City of Carson and members of organized labor gathered to celebrate a proposed NFL stadium that may soon be shared by the Chargers and Raiders. The small community is home to the 168-acres of land, which Fabiani calls “Plan B” for a new stadium for the Chargers.

According to the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office, the owner of the land is Carson Marketplace, a company based in Newport Beach. The company has owned the land since May 2008.

In a press release, the seller of the property was identified as Starwood Capital Group, a company affiliated with Carson Marketplace. Tom Johnson, a spokesperson for the company, confirmed Starwood still owns the land. In an email he said, “we are excited by the prospects for the project."

Johnson added in an email the Chargers have control over the land.

Fabiani said the sale “is not contingent on anything” and “the buyer is obligated to buy. The seller is obligated to sell. Period.”

Both teams announced they plan to continue seeking public subsidies for new stadiums in their respective home markets, but they are pursuing the Carson proposal in case they are unable to finalize any deals. In San Diego, Mayor Kevin Faulconer - who recently named a special stadium advisory board - said he was unaware the Chargers and Raiders had been planning such a move.

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