Blackout Lifted in Cincinnati for Chargers Playoff Game

What is it with Chargers and Bengals fans not buying tickets to games?

It took an extension from the league and a last-minute corporate buyout on Friday to ensure Sunday’s playoff game between the two teams was sold out and therefore not blacked out to local audiences in Cincinnati, per National Football League rules.

The Bengals host the Chargers at 10 a.m. local time.

The only other NFL game to be blacked out this season was the last time the two teams met in San Diego on Dec. 1. The Bengals won that game, 17-10. It turned out to be the Bolts’ last loss as they rattled off four straight wins to sneak into the playoffs.

P&G, a Cincinnati-based company, bought up the remaining tickets and will distribute them for free on Saturday to military veterans and active duty service members.

"Through the efforts from many of our business partners and fans across the region who stepped forward to buy tickets, our team is sure to have a great homefield advantage Sunday," Bengals executive vice president Katie Blackburn said.

The Chargers finished 4-4 on the road this year.

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