Charger Boulevard May Change Names to Pay Tribute to ‘Star Wars' Actor

The street, which spans seven blocks in Clairemont, may be renamed after “Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill, a former resident of the area

With the Chargers’ move from San Diego to Los Angeles, it may be time to make a change to a street in Clairemont named after the former home team.

Some residents want to change the name of Charger Boulevard, located near Balboa Avenue, to Mark Hamill Boulevard – in honor of actor Mark Hamill, best known for playing Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars.”

When Hamill was a boy, he lived in Clairemont with his family and was a student at the now-closed Hale Junior High School. He attended James Madison High School in San Diego for one year, too.

The street spans seven blocks. Per City of San Diego regulations, in order for a change to a street's name to be considered, a petition must be circulated to all property owners on that street. At least 25 percent of those homeowners must sign the petition in favor of the name change. After that, a "Street Name Change Coordinator" figures out the costs involved if the name change is implemented. A proposal and the petition is then handed over to city staff.

After that, the proposal needs approval from the San Diego City Council.

Arian Collins, spokesperson for the City of San Diego, said the city is aware of the possible push by some Clairemont residents to make the name change happen.

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