San Diego

CEO Announces Last Pour for Gordon Biersch in Mission Valley

Bad news for beer lovers: Gordon Biersch Brewery in Mission Valley will close its doors next month.

Twenty years ago, before you could find a brewery on what seemed like every corner, the first of 25 Gordon Biersch brewpubs nationwide opened its doors in San Diego.

“You know there's lots of breweries in town but this one is kind of unique,” regular customer Dan Uglietta said. He said he’s been enjoying the restaurant and brewery for the last 10 years.

The CEO of Gordon Biersch’s parent company, CraftWorks Holdings, said that the influx in local competition forced him to close the doors at the Mission Valley location. It was a decision he says was anything but easy.

“An especially difficult aspect of the tough but necessary decision to close restaurants is the impact it will have on the locations’ wonderful employees, who were informed of the news personally and are being supported with other CraftWorks brand location opportunities, severance payments or other assistance," said Josh Kern, Chief Experience Officer, Craftworks Holdings. "Gordon Biersch and CraftWorks Holdings has fully complied with all federal and state employee notice requirements.”

The brewery’s last day of business is July 16. Employees will have a job until then and will get severance pay plus job opportunities at other restaurants owned CraftWorks.

"This is like the original place and I feel like it's such a great spot. You can't really mimic that so it's just, it sucks that's it's being closed down,” Uglietta said.

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