Cellmate: Defendant Described Murdering His Stepfather

A man charged with murdering his stepfather said the victim came home unexpectedly, his former cellmate testified Thursday.

Timothy McNeil's body was discovered in his Rolando home in July 2007. Investigators believe Nathaniel Gann, 20, and his sister, Brae Hansen, 19, were involved in the attorney's fatal shooting during a phony home invasion robbery.

Charles Goodman was incarcerated with Gann in Arizona. Gann told him that he accidentally shot his stepfather in the back when he came home unexpectedly, Goodman said. He then shot him in the head because he wasn't dead.

After he was shot in the back, MacNeil kept saying, "Nathan, why are you killing me? Why are you shooting me? Why are you doing this to me?" Goodman told jurors.

Gann told Goodman that MacNeil had a lot of jewelry that was supposed to go to Hansen and a large amount of cash in a safe, he testified. Investigators allege Hansen had agreed to give her brother 15-percent of any inheritance she received from their stepfather.

The defense attorney Ricardo Garcia had suggested that informant was a snitch who could not be trusted. He also alleged Gann had been set up by someone else.

The defendants are charged with a special circumstance allegation of lying in wait and could face life in prison without parole if convicted.

Hansen confessed to planning the murder with Gann, according to police. Defense attorneys, however, maintain that her rights were violated.

She is scheduled to go to trial in January.

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