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Cell Phone Towers Will Work During Power Shutoffs: Cell Phone Companies

The cellular network giants will maintain the connectivity with generators, and extra backup generators in San Diego

Even though the lights went off, the connectivity stayed on.

At least that's what AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint said Friday.

The cellular network giants maintained the connectivity with generators, and extra backup generators, claiming grid-powered San Diego cell towers would stay on even if San Diego Gas and Electric cut the power.

"Sprint's network in Southern California is performing well in the areas impacted by the commercial power shutoffs," Sprint spokesperson Roni Singleton told NBC 7.

Penny Hart of Lakeside said she is prepared in case of an evacuation.

"Have your papers organized, have your animals ready, have any important things that you need to take with you," said Hart.

But she admits she doesn't know what to do if she were to lose cellular data in these Santa Ana conditions.

"I only use my cell phone for emergencies so I don't know what I'll do," Hart explained.

Though no companies provided specific towers impacted, cell towers were certainly in areas where power was shut off Friday.

"Our network is operating at more than 98% of normal in parts of San Diego affected by this shutdown," said AT&T spokesperson Scott Huscher.

Hart was happy to hear the cell service companies are taking the problem seriously because people can't be cut off during the fire season.

"It just takes out everything, and people need to be aware," she said.

NBC 7 reached out to T-Mobile and they said they are "monitoring the situation closely". And Verizon told NBC 7 that the've seen no impact on their towers.

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile said generators will keep towers operating, adding they've rolled out extra backups just in case.

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