Celebrating Local Heroes

Few times in our lives do we get to thank those who make the world a little bit safer. Sunday afternoon you'll get your chance to do just that.

Firefighters are getting a much earned thanks at an event put on by the Escondido Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Town Council on July 3 at the grounds of the volunteer fire department.

Everyone is welcome is welcome to the event that was put on to celebrate and thank firefighters for their efforts; services which are needed more than ever during months of high-risk fire seasons.

At the event, which has been held for 31 years, the public is welcome to a barbuqe of which the proceeds of will go to support the fire deparment.

“We do this every year in appreciation of the town the firefighters, who are all volunteers…every one of them supports us by volunteering their time,” said Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Captain John Rayes.

Many people aren't aware that 86 percent of volunteer firefighters report that they or their families invest their own money in purchasing supplies and/or equipment for their department, with most of them (73 percent) investing up to $500 per year, according to a media release.

The party includes live music, a DJ, games, and more, but the highlight is going to be the firefighter contest where firefighters will see who is strongest, fastest and most agile.

The event runs from 1p.m. until 4 at the 20223 Elfin Forest Rd., Escondido, CA 92029.

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