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CBX Hopes to Attract More Travelers With Processing Facility Expansion from San Diego to Mexico

NBC 7 got a behind-the-scenes tour of the $100 million facility

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There’s a new processing facility at Cross Border Xpress -- which aims to get passengers from San Diego to Tijuana International Airport -- quicker than before.

The privately-owned U.S. land bridge connects travelers to the Mexican airport where flights are often hundreds of dollars cheaper compared to San Diego International, located 23 miles away.

Travelers Sebastian Milany and Alejandra Ramirez are in San Diego for work and chose convenience by flying from Mexico City to Tijuana.

“It was like 4 or 5 hours less to travel to Tijuana and then cross the border and then take an Uber to the hotel than take two flights,” Ramirez said.

“It’s more quickly and yeah, you save money,” Milany said.

On Monday, flights from Mexico City to San Diego average $1,023 from three top U.S. air carriers.

Aeromexico flights from Mexico City to Tijuana cost $558. That’s a $435 savings.

In 2021, CBX said they had more than 2.7 million travelers and expect to reach 4 million this year.

Cross Border Xpress CEO Jorge Goytortua said they can also save travelers up to 20 additional minutes.

“We have become a symbol of innovation and collaboration here in the region,” Goytortua said.

The state-of-the-art additions include four new screening lines, 39 airline check-in counters and two new boarding gates.

CBX officials hope the $100 million, 438,000 square-foot facility will soon bring international flights into the region.

CBX also has its challenges. One spokesperson said sometimes there are not enough border patrol agents, which can delay crossing time.

The new facility is expected to open to passengers in a couple weeks, pending approval from Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (GAP)—the Mexican company that operates the airport sector.

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