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Caught on Camera: Firecrackers Spark Controversy in Neighborhood

Alpine frequently sees temperatures in the triple digits. A single firecracker could cause a devastating fire in that weather, firefighters said

Alpine residents are concerned after three people set off a giant firecracker in the middle of hot weather on Sunday, leading to a blast. 

In the surveillance footage, three people are seen getting out of a car, lighting a firecracker in front of a home, and then running back into the car.

The people appear to drive away but then turn around. One person jumps out to film the firecracker explosion on a cell phone. Then the three people drive away. 

Homeowner Jessica Good said she thought she heard feet running down the road at the time. The firecrackers were set off on her lawn. 

"I never expected it to be fireworks exploding into a tree," Good said. In Alpine, it is illegal to own firecrackers. 

Good said in the morning, she found the firecracker in her rose bushes. It was only two feet away from where her children sleep.

“When I saw how big it was, and how close it was to my kids' windows, it made it a whole lot worse," said Good.

Alpine frequently sees temperatures well into the triple digits over the summer months. In hot weather like Alpine had on Monday, firefighters said, a single firecracker could cause a devastating fire. 

The culprits are still on the loose.

Nobody was injured and Good's property was not damaged.

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