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Cars Parked on PB Streets Torched by Arsonist

Pacific Beach residents are on alert after an arsonist, who hasn’t been caught, sparked a potentially explosive situation by setting fire to multiple vehicles.

A total of five vehicles parked on both Haines and Felspar streets were up in flames at around 5:45 a.m. Saturday.

“It was insane,” said Kayla Biggs who heard yelling and screaming outside her house then came outside to find the fiery chaos.

“I grabbed this hose and I dragged it all the way over here and over the fence,” she said pointing to the hose behind her house.

The gas tank was opened on one work-van and the area around it was charred.

Dillon Rose came outside and noticed his truck up in flames with a gas canister on the roof.

As he looked at the scorch marks on the side, he bent down to the wheel, noting his concern for the potential fire damage keeping him from doing his job delivering packages.

“I don’t know if it affected the brake lines,” he said.

An extinguisher used to help fight the fires remains nearby as a reminder.

Now that the fires are out, neighbors are hoping the arsonist is caught.

“We’re all hard-working people and we're such a good neighborhood that it's just really hurtful,” Biggs said.

“I just hope they find the guy, you know? Get some justice and put this to rest,” said Rose.

The Metro Arson Strike Team is investigating the fires. They say no arrests have been made and at this time it appears these fires are isolated incidents.

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