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Cars Hit by Large Rocks on Coronado Bridge

Three cars were struck by large rocks while crossing Coronado Bridge Tuesday night, according to California Highway Patrol. 

Tony Escobedo was traveling westbound towards Coronado Island when a large rock struck his Nissan sedan, smashing the windshield. He and others in his car at first thought they had been shot at.

Another car traveling eastbound was then hit by several rocks, which damaged the body of the car and cracked the windshield in several places. The CHP said a third car was also hit.

All three incidents happened between 10 and 11 p.m., according to the CHP.

One driver was taken to the hospital with a chest injury. His injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, CHP said. 

It was not clear what caused the rocks to strike the cars but investigators would be looking for surveillance cameras to determine if the rocks were thrown, CHP said.

Escobedo's theory is that someone is throwing rocks from out of cars driving on the other side of the bridge, a potential plot he could only call "senseless."

"It shattered so there was glass all over and I felt it on my hands and I go, "Did we really just get shot?" Escobedo recounted.

When he realized it was a rock he got back on the bridge going the opposite direction. That's when he saw another car pulled over talking to a CHP officer.

The CHP said it has taken reports from seven drives who've said their cars have been hit by rocks over the last few weeks. CHP could not say if the same person is responsible.

"I could have hit another car and who knows what could have happened? We could have hit the median, flipped and gone over the bridge or something. I just thank god nothing happened," Escobedo said.

CHP investigators are asking any other drivers whose cars have been hit by rocks to call them at (619) 220-5492.

In June, several cars struck cement blocks that were lying on Interstate 8 in El Cajon. CHP said it appeared, in that case, a person was placing them in the roadway. 

There is no indication that the rocks on the Coronado Bridge are connected. 

No other information was available.

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