San Diego

Cars Crushed When Large Tree Topples on Spring Valley Carport

Several cars were crushed when a tree toppled onto a carport at a Spring Valley apartment complex Tuesday.

The tree fell from the hillside at the Lakeview Village Apartments on Sweetwater Springs Boulevard overnight but it was reported to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department Tuesday morning, SDSO said.

Several residents in the complex heard the tree come crashing down. One told NBC 7 she heard the sound of scraping metal. 

"I was laying in bed and I looked out the window on this side and I didn't see anything and then I came out my front door and I saw the tree on top of all the cars," Frederick Mathers said.

The tree sent the roof of the carport onto a Porsche Boxster, footage of the scene showed. Several other cars were buried under the tree’s branches.

SDSO said the apartment complex’s property manager would be sending a maintenance crew for cleanup.

No one was hurt. It was unclear how much damage the fallen tree caused.

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