Former San Diegan Caroline Reinsch Injured in Boston Marathon

Caroline Reinsch, 39, was at the finish line when the bombs exploded

Former San Diego resident Caroline Reinsch was watching the Boston Marathon when she was injured in Monday's bombings.

Reinsch, 39, went to middle school in the area and her parents still live in San Diego.

On April 15, she and her boyfriend Christian Williams were at the finish line when the first of two bombs exploded, injuring Caroline and knocking Christian to the ground.

The couple suffered serious injuries described as "their legs were shredded by the blasts and Christian’s right hand was also partially degloved” by one friend. 

They have undergone several surgeries in the last week and are both still hospitalized according to Reinsch’s aunt Susan Schaefer.

Schaefer shared her niece’s story with NBC 7 San Diego one week after the attack in Boston, explaining how Reinsch couldn’t talk on the phone.

“Then we could only text so you can’t hear the fear in her voice which I’m sure was there,” she said.

She has since been able to speak with her aunt and is recovering enough that she was able to receive her two dogs as visitors in the hospital.

Friends and family are following Reinsch’s progress through a Tumblr called “SmallArmyStrong.” They’re also collecting funds to help the couple with medical costs associated with their injuries.

On his Facebook page, Williams posted, "I could have lost my legs, my hand, my life, or even worse, the life of someone I love. But I did not. Few men are given a chance in life to see how lucky they are. That moment has come and I can see. I am one of the luckiest men alive."

Schaefer said the run held at Mission Bay Monday night to show support for the victims of the marathon bombing was amazing.

"It's just, it's wonderful, it's so San Diego,” Schaefer said. “They're like Boston; they're just supporting them so much."

Christian and Caroline live in Boston and are avid photographers and budding directors. The couple posted this video on YouTube earlier this month.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article said Reinsch ran in the Boston Marathon. We have since corrected the story and NBC 7 regrets the error.

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