Carmina Lopez Can Teach Again

The South Bay teacher who was acquitted of molesting her former student and godson can now teach again.

The state commission on teacher credentialing reinstated Carmina Lopez's credentials last wee but it is up to Lopez's employer about when and if Lopez will return to the classroom.

Lopez taught for five years, at three elementary schools in the South Bay Union School District including Sunnyslope Elementary School.

The district has not said if Lopez will teach there again.

A unanumous jury acquitted Lopez on ten counts of child molestation, and another charge of providing drugs to a minor.

She had been on on unpaid leave since charges were filed in early 2009.

Parents of Sunnyslope students have mixed opinions. Some are concerned with the testimony about drugs, alcohol and sex even though Lopez was found not guilty others say Lopez's reputation as an excellent teacher is reason enough to trust her in the classroom.

"Even though she was acquitted , if she was even accused, I don't want anybody accused of doing something wrong with a child around my children," said parent Amber Ortiz.

Parent Monique Flores felt differently, "People are accused for many different reasons. It doesn't mean they're guilty even in the least," she said.

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