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Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club Next on List of Golf Course to Close

Another beloved golf course in San Diego County is closing down. This time, it's the Carmel Mountain Ranch Country Club.

Golf lovers are sad to see it go, and residents of its surrounding community say they’ll be sad to see the home values decrease.

Bob Bieksha’s home sits along the fairway. Neatly trimmed grass used to extend all the way to his fence line, but now when he steps out to his backyard he sees a mound of mulch.

“I'm concerned because of San Luis Rey,” Bieksha said. “I grew up on that golf course and I've played Fallbrook and Escondido Country Club and they’re all gone now and I drive by and it makes you almost want to cry when you look at how they're just let go and not maintained anymore, and that is our concern.”

Realtor Eric Edelman, who lives near the course and serves on the Carmel Mountain Ranch and Sabre Springs Planning Board, says the loss may drop home values.

"Once it does close and becomes an eyesore, for lack of a better word, it could affect values from 5 to 8 percent," Edelman said.

The course will officially close July 9, according to its owner Kevin Hwang. He cited rising water costs as the reason for its closure.

"We have concluded that irrigating the property with more than 45 million gallons of drinking water each year is simply no longer sustainable," a statement from Hwang said.

Golfers like Phil Balun are going to miss playing the track.

"I've been playing here since the course first opened,” Balun said. “I think it's one of the best courses around and a lot of golfers are going to miss playing here.”

The Carmel Mountain Ranch and Sabre Springs Planning Group said it will hold a meeting at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Recreation Center on July 11.

Hwang says it will focus on event space and the clubhouse facility which will remain open for private and community events.

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