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Carlsbad Woman Accused of Conspiring With Gun Instructor to Kill Estranged Husband: Police

A source close to the family but not involved in the case told NBC 7 this is a tragic turn of events in an ugly, two-year divorce.

Two people are in custody, accused in a murder-for-hire scheme that led to a late-night shooting in Carlsbad last week.

The alleged scheme involves a San Marcos man, his estranged wife, and a gun instructor who just recently began teaching the wife how to shoot.

Carlsbad resident Diana Lovejoy, 43, the estranged wife of the victim and her gun trainer, Weldon McDavid Jr., 49, were arrested by Carlsbad Police in the last 24 hours.

A source close to the family but not involved in the case told NBC 7 this is a tragic turn of events in a two year long ugly divorce case.

The victim, who police identify as the Diana Lovejoy's estranged husband, was lured to a secluded dirt road in the middle of the night and shot once in the side.

“He is recovering as far as his medical status he is expected to recover,” Carlsbad Police Captain Mickey Williams said.

Authorities say McDavid, an employee at a local shooting range in Oceanside where the victim reportedly took lessons, called the victim and arranged to meet Thursday, September 1 on the access road off Avenida Soledad

McDavid, armed with a rifle, allegedly shot at the victim from the bushes and then fled, police said. Investigators say Lovejoy was also in the area of the shooting at the time.

The shooting prompted authorities to block off more than a mile of Rancho Santa Fe Road from northbound Camino Junipero to southbound Melrose Drive just before midnight. SWAT officers searched the area and a reverse 911 call went out advising residents to stay in their homes.

Detectives are still piecing together why Lovejoy and McDavid conspired to shoot the victim.

“We're not at this point going to speculate what the motive was other then we are confident the intent was to kill,” Captain Williams said.

Court documents show Diana Lovejoy's divorce proceedings started in 2014.

As part of the restraining order, which was originally granted, she made allegations of sexual abuse against her estranged husband who she claimed, "Told me that he had wished me dead on multiple occasions and hoped that I would suffer," according to the court documents.

There has been no final judgment in the divorce.

The couple has a son, who will turn 4 years old on Monday.

Diana Lovejoy had been granted custody of the child. The child's father had been granted supervised visitation.

Police say McDavid was teaching Lovejoy how to shoot firearms at an Oceanside gun range. A source close to the situation tells NBC7 McDavid also installed a security system and lights in Lovejoy’s Carlsbad home.

“I don't know of any evidence to support a love triangle I do believe there is evidence to believe financial gain may have influenced Mr. McDavid,” Captain Williams said.

Lovejoy was arrested after a traffic stop near her home Wednesday night. McDavid was arrested similarly in Fallbrook where he lived.

Police say they confiscated several firearms as well.

“We just don't know if any of the guns recovered are the gun that was used in this case,” captain Williams said.

Both suspects were behind bars Thursday night at the Vista Detention Facility.

Lovejoy and McDavid Jr. face charges of attempted murder, conspiracy, assault with a deadly weapon and assault with great bodily injury.

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