Carlsbad Unified Completes First Week of Distance Learning

Students "google meet" with teachers to review assignments

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Students in the Carlsbad Unified School District wrapped up their first week of distancing learning Friday. With many students in other districts beginning distance learning next week, students from Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad had some advice.  

Advice included getting on a schedule, connecting with teachers on the internet, doing assignments when they are assigned to get everything out of the way. Find a quiet place in your house to do work, put away your phone, and get it done. Don’t stress out more than you need to, and be kind to yourself because this is a big adjustment from the normal routine.

"Be kind to yourself because this is a big adjustment."

Sage Creek High School Senior

For Carlsbad Unified, at this early stage, distance learning means teachers are pushing out assignments for students to do individually. Students are meeting with teachers once a week remotely to ask questions and talk about concerns. In some cases, teachers are teaching the class remotely with students at home.

According to Superintendent Doctor Ben Churchill, Ed.D., nearly 94% of students in the district were online and active in distance learning.

San Diego Unified is among those districts that start distance learning on Monday.

The Superintendent of the Carlsbad Unified School District sent NBC 7 the following reflections on the first week of remote learning.

Reading in part:

From one of our high school principals:

Overall, teachers and students have been excited to "reconnect" again. Students have been telling teachers that it has been great to have some sense of "normalcy" and direction from teachers. Getting back into a routine has been helpful. Teachers are reporting enjoying holding "virtual office hours" and having conversations with their students. 

Quotes from high school teachers:

  • Most of my kids mentioned that they are looking forward to some type of "normalcy.”
  • Teachers are happy to be connecting with students.
  • Looking forward to my office hours - assignments are slowly coming in which is a good sign.
  • Students are ready for some normalcy while also a bit nervous about how it’s going to go.
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