Carlsbad Sets Aside $841K for Eroded Highway 101

The city declared a local state of emergency to temporarily fix the highway

The Carlsbad City Council voted Friday to spend $841,000 to fix an eroded stretch of Highway 101, also known as Carlsbad Boulevard, that was compromised by high tides and surf last month.

After strong waves pummeled North County beaches on Dec. 11 and 12, the city was forced to close one lane of the road which runs near the beach.

The high tides, called “King tides,” had eroded the shoulder, damaging the highway north of the Encinas Creek Bridge. On Dec. 15, the city declared a local state of emergency to free up funds for a temporary fix.

According to Carlsbad spokeswoman Kristina Ray, crews shored up the embankment with tons of rocks. However, one lane still remains closed. 

More rock will be needed for a permanent repair, as will permission from the California Coastal Commission, the city says. The $841,000 to be used for the construction will come from Carlsbad’s gas tax fund.

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