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Carlsbad Police Investigating Slew of Tire Slashing Incidents in Carlsbad

Carlsbad police say since the end of March, there have been 38 incidents reported

Police are investigating a tire slashing spree that left more than 30 Carlsbad cars vandalized. 

Since March 30, 38 cars have had their tires slashed in Carlsbad's Rancho Carrillo neighborhood, Carlsbad Police (CPD) said. 

it's a trend that has many residents afraid to park their cars in the street, as most reported slashing incidents have happened while the cars were parked near apartments and homes at night. 

In response to the uptick in vandalism, police have established a "special team that includes patrol, investigations, analysis and community relations" to look into the trend.

Officers have been conducting extra patrols, interviewing victims, analyzing collected information, placing notices on area vehicles and canvassing the area. Investigators are taking prints from the cars involved in hopes they lead to the suspect or suspects.

Tire slashings have been reported on Paseo Acampo, Paseo Granito, Citricado Circle and Rancho Del Canon. 

One resident said the spree has been upsetting. 

"It does cost a lot of money to replace tires and it's just too bad that people would do that for fun, or whatever they are doing it for, it's a shame," said resident Lindsay Arvanitis. 

Others said they didn't understand the reasoning behind the crime. 

"What's the point?" asked Michael Manzie, a resident. "Slashing and risk getting caught, and it's no benefit. I don't understand the point."

The investigation is ongoing. 

Police are asking anyone to report suspicious activity when they see or hear it to report it by calling (760) 931-2197 or dial 911 for a crime in progress. 

Carlsbad police have also posted further vehicle crime prevention tips on their site here.

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