Andrew Johnson

Carlsbad to Add Lifeguards to Historically Unattended North Beach

The new services will cost the city about $603,300

Carlsbad will now provide lifeguard services to North Beach after the city has seen an increased need for it in the historically unattended area.

Most of the city’s nearly seven-mile coastline is managed by the California State Parks, which provides lifeguards. However, North Beach in Carlsbad is not part of the state’s program.

The Carlsbad City Council received bids from California State Parks and Orange County Lifeguards to provide the new services, but the council decided to keep the program within the city.

The city council created a lifeguard pilot program in 2017.

Two full-time lifeguard positions will be created within the Carlsbad Fire Department. And about 25 part-time lifeguards will be brought on during peak seasons.

Three wooden lifeguard towers, two lifeguard trucks, and one watercraft will also be included for the area.

The estimated yearly cost of these new services is $603,300, according to the city council’s staff report.

North Beach spans from Oak Avenue to the northern border of Carlsbad.

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