Memorial Day

Carlsbad Launches Lifeguard Pilot Program

North Beach was previously not covered by lifeguard services.

The City of Carlsbad is launching a test program to add lifeguards to areas of the coastline not currently covered by lifeguards.

The majority of the city's coast, five to six miles, is state beach covered by State Park Lifeguards.

North Beach, the area from Oak to the north city limits at Oceanside, was previously not covered by lifeguard services.

Under a $300,000 budget, Carlsbad Fire Department Chief Michael Davis said the city sent six firefighter-paramedics to the Ventura County Fire Department

When they returned, they began training 12 others to begin the program, Davis said.

On the Memorial Day weekend, the department will begin lifeguard coverage with two firefighter-paramedics.

The pilot program will continue over the summer until Labor Day. Results will be reported back to the Carlsbad City Council.

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